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As a licensed engineer in the state of Arizona, your professional license is key to your livelihood.

Engineering License Attorney Near YouWhen it comes under scrutiny to a complaint made to the state licensing board the resulting stress can turn your life and career upside down, even if the complaint is unwarranted.

At Stewart Law Group, our team of engineer license defense attorneys is well-versed in the ins and outs of professional license defense, and we will work tirelessly on your behalf to protect your license and your good name.

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Engineering License Defense Lawyers Vs. The ASBTR

You’ve worked hard to become a successful engineer, from navigating a grueling college education to sitting for the stringent board exams, and most importantly by doing great work for satisfied clients. When your engineering license becomes jeopardized by a complaint to the state board, the danger exceeds simply losing your license.

Even having a Letter of Reprimand on your record can do permanent damage to your professional reputation, potentially costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lost clients who do a simple search on your credentials on the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration (ASBTR) website.

The last thing you need in a situation like this is to try “going it alone.” You owe it to yourself to protect your professional reputation so you can keep doing good work without worry or fear.

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Why You Need an Engineer License Defense Attorney in AZ

If you receive notice from the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration that you are being investigated for a complaint, hiring an experienced attorney could make the difference between resolving the issue and having a lucrative career cut short. In fact, “going it alone” could be the worst (and last) mistake of your career.

Here’s why:

  1. The Board doesn’t offer the same legal protection as the courts. The Board of Technical Registration duly investigates complaints for evidence of wrongdoing, but there is no jury or judge, and the Board’s decision is final unless you opt to request a formal hearing before a judge. You could easily be disciplined or have your license revoked without having done anything wrong. An experienced Arizona engineer license defense lawyer can help you navigate this tricky process.
  2. An engineering license attorney increases your chances of a fair resolution. Even though you passed the licensing exams, it’s a fair bet the Board knows the governing laws better than you do. A professional license defense attorney understands these laws and can work to protect your interests while skillfully negotiating for a positive outcome.
  3. Obtaining legal counsel can help you stay in business while the complaint is in process. If you decide to mount your own defense, the stress and time commitment can take you away from work, causing you to lose valuable income in the process. Your lawyer handles many of those details for you so you can stay focused on your career.

When it comes to legal matters endangering your career, it pays to – at the very least – consult with an experienced lawyer at the earliest possible convenience.

Common Causes for Disciplinary Action Against Engineers in Arizona

The Board may investigate complaints against engineers encompassing a wide range of violations, including any of the following:

  • Unlicensed or unregistered activity — Participating in engineering tasks without being properly registered with the Board
  • Working with unlicensed/unregistered engineers — If you hire or collaborate with someone who isn’t licensed, and/or if you allow them to use your registered seal and signature, your own license could be jeopardized
  • Misrepresentation — Failing to do what you promise a client to do
  • Failure to disclose criminal records or prior disciplinary actions — If you have a criminal record and fail to disclose it when applying for your registration, your license could be forfeited

A complaint filed against your professional engineering license by the ASBTR is nothing to take lightly, no matter how minor you consider the charge.

Investigation Process of Engineer License Defense in Arizona

A Board investigation begins when a consumer files a complaint against you claiming you violated certain rules or statutes related to your profession. The Board then does a preliminary investigation of the allegations to determine whether there is reasonable cause of a possible violation.

If they so determine, the process generally moves forward as follows:

  • The Board assigns a staff member to begin a formal investigation.
  • The Board notifies you of the complaint and gives you an opportunity to respond.
  • The investigator interviews the complainant, the respondent (you) and any relevant witnesses, as well as gathering any other pertinent evidence. The Board reviews the findings.
  • If the Board determines disciplinary action is necessary, you will be given an opportunity to settle the complaint voluntarily and informally via Consent Agreement.
  • If you refuse to settle voluntarily or you can’t resolve the differences with the complainant, you may either file a counterproposal with the Board or request a formal hearing.

Once the Board concludes its review, it may do any of the following;

  • Dismiss the complaint in the absence of sufficient evidence
  • Issue a “Letter of Concern” if there is cause for concern but no solid proof of wrongdoing
  • Take disciplinary action against your registration, ranging from a Letter of Reprimand to a revocation of your license
  • Fine you up to $2000 per offense.

The best time to speak with an Arizona engineering license defense attorney is immediately following knowledge of the complaint against you.

A Cautionary Example from Our Engineer License Defense Lawyers

Here is an example that one of our engineering defense lawyers ran into recently.

The Board received a complaint against an unnamed engineer in Arizona by a dissatisfied customer who claimed the engineer acted with gross negligence and without proper skill.

Upon investigation of the complaint, the Board found that although the engineer was licensed, he was doing work for an unregistered engineering firm and was using a seal inappropriate to the branch of engineering in which he was licensed.

In so doing, the engineer was effectively working without a firm registration because he wasn’t licensed to do that type of engineering. The engineer resolved the complaint via a Consent Agreement that allowed him to keep his license temporarily, but in the process he was assessed fines, issued a Letter of Reprimand, required to take remedial education and was restricted from working pending peer review.

Had this engineer worked with a skilled engineering license attorney in Arizona, the lawyer would likely have been able to identify the violations before the Board discovered them, as well as negotiating a fairer settlement with the Board.

Talk with an Experienced Engineering License Defense Lawyer

Any complaint filed against your engineering license in Arizona could have serious, career-altering consequences.

If you receive notice of a complaint, do not attempt to address the Board or the alleged violations on your own. Even if the concerns are minor and the evidence sparse, the Board’s job is to protect the consumer, not you.

Protect your own interests by hiring a skilled Arizona engineer license defense attorney to defend your professional license and your reputation. For a free evaluation, call Stewart Law Group at (602) 548-3400.

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