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As a licensed insurance agent and broker in the State of Arizona, you know that your livelihood rests on the validity of your credentials. That’s why if your license is threatened by an accusation of wrongdoing, an investigation, or adverse action, it can throw your entire practice into upheaval, jeopardize your reputation, and even destroy your career.
Insurance Agent Defense Attorney Near You
At Stewart Law Group, our team of experienced insurance agent defense attorneys knows what’s at stake for you and your business, and we understand the feelings of helplessness that can overwhelm you. Our experienced professional license defense attorneys can guide you through the investigation process, defending your credentials as well as your name.

If you are facing disciplinary action, had a complaint filed against you, or have recently been arrested or convicted of a criminal offense, please contact us immediately at 602-548-3400 or schedule a free case evaluation at a time that’s convenient for you.

The Arizona Department of Insurance Vs. Insurance Agent Defense Attorneys

Being licensed to sell insurance in Arizona is not an easy process.

The Arizona Department of Insurance & Financial Institutions views this profession as a public trust, and for that reason it requires prospective agents and brokers to take a pre-licensing course and sit for stringent exams to ensure they understand the rules and regulations.

If a consumer files a complaint and the Board deems that a violation took place, all your hard work can be undone in an instant — even if you actually did nothing wrong. Too much hangs in the balance for you to face this kind of crisis on your own.

We’ve compiled some pertinent info for insurance agents in the state of Arizona, keep reading to see why it’s critical to have an experienced insurance license defense lawyer on your side when facing disciplinary action from the

If a consumer files a complaint and the Board deems that a violation took place, all your hard work can be undone in an instant — even if you actually did nothing wrong. Too much hangs in the balance for you to face this kind of crisis on your own.

Protect your reputation and your livelihood, talking with one of our license defense attorneys won’t cost you a dime, but it could save your career.

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Why You Need an Insurance Agent Defense Attorney

When faced with possible adverse action due to a complaint or investigation, many agents and brokers try to mount their own defense, only to find their license revoked — typically effective immediately.

Does that sound like due process?

It’s not, here’s why having a insurance agent defense attorney can make all the difference:

  1. The Board isn’t part of the court system. The Arizona Department of Insurance & Financial Institutions (DIFI) is a government agency, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re guaranteed “due process” as if you were involved in a civil or criminal court case. The reason for this reality is that the insurance board is there to protect the consumer, not the agents — while by contrast the courts exist to protect everyone. The board has the right to make its own determination as to your guilt or innocence based on the evidence it uncovers. Having proper legal representation provides you a stronger voice in a situation where you may be automatically at a disadvantage.
  2. An attorney increases the odds of a positive or acceptable outcome. With an attorney representing you, you’ve got an experienced professional with a working knowledge of administrative law professional licensing—plus a masterful negotiator who can work for your best interests when the Arizona DIFI is considering action against you.
  3. An attorney can keep you in business. In a situation where your credentials are threatened, you can get so overwhelmed with the details of defending yourself that your business suffers even before the investigation is complete. You could be completely exonerated only to have to rebuild your practice from scratch. Hiring an attorney to handle these details can help you maintain the status quo while your case is being determined.

Due process is not something the AZ DIFI affords insurance agents facing disciplinary action.

This is the primary reason why consulting with an experienced lawyer who deals with defending insurance agents in the state of Arizona is so important if you’re facing an investigation or other adverse action.

Possible Reasons Insurance Agents in Arizona Face Disciplinary Action

Insurance Agent Defense Attorney Phoenix AZInvestigations against licensed insurance agents and brokers are overseen by the Department of Insurance via their Administrative Enforcement Section (AES).

Their mission statement is “to investigate allegations of theft and other wrong-doing by licensed insurance professionals, including agents/producers, adjusters and bail bond agents, and insurance scams perpetrated by unlicensed individual and enterprises.”

In keeping with that mission, the AES may deny or revoke a license based on any of the following common violations, according to Arizona Law:

  • Misrepresentation — This offense can range from misrepresenting the facts on your license application to misrepresenting the terms of an application for insurance for a consumer.
  • Unlicensed Activity — Acting beyond the scope of what your license permits, or attempting to issue insurance other than what you are licensed to write.
  • Criminal Conviction — Being convicted of a felony after obtaining your license, or failing to disclose a conviction when applying for one.
  • Fraudulent Activities — For example, engaging in dishonest practices in selling insurance, deceiving consumers or forging someone’s name on an insurance document.
  • Aiding and Abetting — Assisting others in conducting unauthorized insurance transactions.

Many insurance agents in Arizona are unaware of the possible reasons disciplinary action may be taken against them. Do your homework and rely on professional help if you need it.

How Insurance Agent/Broker Complaints Are Processed in Arizona

In most instances, the Department of Insurance launches an investigation in response to a consumer complaint. Once DIFI validates the complaint, it is turned over to the AES for investigation and review.

As part of the process, you will be notified of the complaint and be asked to give a response.

If the AES review determines that you have violated Arizona law and/or the terms of your license, it may issue corrective action in the form of an Administrative Order, which may include any of the following:

  • Fines and/or restitution
  • Immediate suspension or revocation of your license
  • An invitation to negotiate a settlement via Consent Order

An important point to remember through this process is that having skilled legal representation can help at any and every stage of an AES investigation. We can work with you to present corroborating evidence of your innocence as well as negotiate to prevent the loss of your license.

If you believe your agent or broker license was wrongfully revoked, we can also help you appeal your case to seek reinstatement.

Defending Against Threats to Your Insurance Credentials

If you receive notice that your insurance credentials are at risk due to a consumer complaint, avoidance or inaction are the worst things you can do because the Department of Insurance is looking out for the consumer — not for the agent.

Without proper legal representation, you could lose your license needlessly, which may prevent you from working as an agent not just here in Arizona but in other states as well. Even if you manage to get your credentials reinstated, the damage to your reputation could be irreparable.

Don’t let a misunderstanding ruin your career.

Talk with an Experienced Insurance Agent Defense Attorney Now

The insurance agent defense attorneys at Stewart Law Group are standing by to defend your credentials, your reputation and your career. Any complaint filed against your insurance license in the state of Arizona could have serious consequences that negatively impact your ability to pursue a career – both here in Arizona, and elsewhere throughout the United States.

If you receive notice of a complaint, or pending disciplinary action against you, do not attempt to address Arizona DIFI or the alleged violations on your own. Even if the concerns are minor and the evidence sparse, remember the job of the Arizona Department of Insurance & Financial Institution’s job is to protect the consumer, not you.

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