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Privacy Policy

Maintaining confidentiality and the security of information we collect about each client, potential client, and former client is of utmost importance to Allegiant Law Group. To safeguard all of the personal information we have gathered, we have adopted certain policies and procedures referred to as our “privacy policy.” Our privacy policy applies to our current clients, former clients, and website visitors with regard to any personal information in our possession.

Our Privacy Policy Protects Your Personal Information

The information handling conduct of our attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and all other Allegiant Law Group employees is governed by our privacy policy. Our privacy policy requires the safeguarding of personal and financial information relating to every current and former client we have represented, along with every website visitor we have collected personal information from.

Maintaining Confidentiality

We never sell or rent information about our clients and website visitors. Should you hire our firm, providing legal services on your behalf will involve our sharing client or website visitor information with certain employees, first, and with those necessary companies providing specific services, second. This is purposefully to advance your case. As a policy matter, we require that all our employees and service companies keep all client and website visitor information strictly confidential.

Occasional Changes To Our Privacy Policy

In the future, our firm may make needed changes to our privacy policy. Prior to making a change that could potentially affect our clients or website visitors, we will send out the revised privacy policy with a description of the changes.

Safeguarding Personal Information

The policies and procedures that we have adopted are designed to protect your personal information from both unauthorized disclosure and unauthorized use. To block unauthorized access, maintain confidentiality, and protect the integrity of your personal information, we have implemented multi-level safeguards. We protect the information in our possession through a number of procedural, electronic, and physical safekeeping measures. Along with virus detection software, those safeguards include procedures designed to control access to client, potential client, and former client files, using information technology security measures, such as firewalls and password protection; building security programs, and others. We continuously assess new technology in order to keep our security systems – physical and electronic – upgraded whenever necessary or appropriate.

We permit an employee to access your personal information only when that employee has a legitimate legal purpose for doing so – by way of example only, accessing your information while preparing a motion to file on your behalf or when updating your records to reflect a new hearing date.

Collecting Personal Information

As a reputable law firm, we need to collect information about our clients or potential clients. Typically, we obtain information through the conversations and emails you exchange with our attorneys and paralegals or by utilizing a contact form on our website. We collect personal information to help serve your legal needs and to provide the quality legal services we are known for. Regardless of whether you hire our firm or not, all of the information we collect about you is considered personal information and is therefore subject to our privacy policy terms.

Although the type and extent of information obtained may vary, we typically collect the following personal details from you:

  • Identification. Your name, age, email address, phone number, mail and street address information. If you hire Allegiant Law Group, then we will also need your Social Security Number.
  • Employment. Your employer’s name and address.
  • Financials. Your income (pay check stubs or W-2 statements verify income), assets and liabilities, creditors, loans, savings accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, and business interests.

Should you hire our law firm and become our client, we may also collect information from a broader range of sources during the representation. This is to help you obtain the best possible outcome in the case. Among those other sources are employers and past employers, other attorneys, banks and credit unions, credit reporting agencies, insurance companies, lenders, secured creditors, landlords, taxing authorities, and the like.

Information Sharing with Third Parties

We are permitted by law, and sometimes required by law, to share your personal information with certain third parties. Namely, these are service providers who assist us in our day-to-day operations and help administer your bankruptcy case. Under our privacy policy, each third party service provider must sign a confidentiality agreement with us. Each is prohibited from using any your personal information for any other purpose beyond those for which it was hired or as otherwise required by law. Lastly, when required or necessary, we may disclose your personal information during legal proceedings, settlement proceedings, and to government agencies.