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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Types of Medical License Practice Restrictions in Arizona

To practice medicine in Arizona, you are required to have a current medical license. Licenses are awarded to those who have been appropriately trained and have the skills as well as the experience to provide trusted, safe, and effective medical care. Compliance with the Arizona Medical Board’s rules and regulations is mandatory. 

The medical board can levy restrictions against a practitioner’s license in specific cases. These restrictions are as follows. An Arizona medical license defense attorney can help navigate your legal case.

Supervisory Restrictions

The Arizona Medical Board may require supervision as one of its restrictions. If the medical board has doubts about a physician and his ability to properly serve their patients, they may demand that they are under the supervision of another physician. This might mean that the other doctor has to review the charts of the doctor under his supervision, or they may have to sit in on patient appointments so they can provide the doctor in question with the necessary guidance and feedback.

When competency comes into question, supervision is a practical way to keep patients safe while keeping an eye on the doctor administering care.

Limitations on Their Practice

Practice limitations mean that certain procedures or the treatment of specific conditions are off-limits to the practitioner. If there are concerns about a healthcare provider’s practice, limitations and restrictions may be put in place. For instance, a doctor who may be struggling with substance abuse issues may have limitations in place to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Geographic Limitations May Apply

Another limitation that the medical board may choose to implement on a doctor’s license is geographic. Meaning the doctor only has privileges to practice in certain geographic locations. This may happen if the medical board has reason to suspect practicing in a certain part of the community is an area of concern.

Limits on the Number of Patients a Physician May See

Doctors who see a large number of patients can sometimes be exhausted and overworked, and this can potentially jeopardize the care their patients receive. A physician’s license may restrict the volume of patients they can see to avoid the negative impact of being overworked. This protects the patients by making sure they have enough time to give each of their patients the care they deserve. 

Monitoring Drug and Alcohol Use

Physicians can be required to submit to drug and alcohol testing and monitoring. When the medical board suspects substance abuse, they may subject the physician to tests for drug and alcohol use or abuse. 

Requirements for Reporting on a Physician’s License

The medical board may require reporting from the physician. This might include reporting to the medical board about outcomes related to their patient’s conditions and malpractice claims. By reporting to the medical board, they are able to monitor the physician’s practice if they find it to be necessary.

Contact Stewart Law Group if You have Questions.

Medical license practice restrictions are commonly in place to provide safety for patients. There is a wide range of limitations the Arizona Medical Board can require. If you or a colleague are facing restrictions, consult with one of the legal professionals at Stewart Law Group to understand your options and to implement a strategy to have the restrictions lifted. 

You have worked diligently to obtain your medical license. Having restrictions in place can make it hard to practice medicine in a way that is most beneficial to your patients. If you are struggling with medical license practice restrictions, reach out to the Stewart Law Group for guidance.