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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Real Estate License Moving Forward After a Suspension

If you have experienced a real estate license suspension, you may be battling feelings of uncertainty and despair. Devotion to the educational process and the hard work put into the real estate profession can vanish instantly, leaving individuals uncertain of how to proceed after a real estate license suspension in Arizona. Before hopelessness settles in, it is vital to understand there are options in every situation.

The Appeals Process and Licensing Suspensions

It is possible to appeal a real estate licensing suspension in Arizona. If you fight the suspension, filing the appropriate paperwork with the Superior Court to begin the process is vital. The appeal process works differently than the initial trial process.

While the trial process to determine a license suspension bases its decisions on presented facts, the appeals court will look for flaws in the trial procedure that could have caused errors in how a case is handled. This process is more complicated, but having a license reinstated is possible.

Can a Real Estate License Defense Attorney Help Me?

Many professionals feel they possess the ability to represent themselves because they understand their field better than most. Again, the appeals process is based on how the legal process was conducted, not the facts that led to a suspension. A detailed knowledge of trial procedures is required to navigate the appeals process, and having a professional real estate attorney on your side can be the difference. 

Not only must the trial be reviewed for procedural errors, but the appropriate paperwork must be submitted promptly to initiate the appeals process. Additionally, a Superior Court Judge will hear oral arguments on your behalf and by the licensing board of the Arizona Department of Real Estate (ADRE)

What are the Possible Outcomes of an Appeal

The appeals process can render three results. 

  • A Judge can uphold the original decision made by The Court and leave a suspension in place. 
  • With compelling oral arguments, the decision of the court can be reversed. When this decision is made, a professional real estate license is reinstated. 
  • A new trial may be ordered.

All appealable issues must be presented to the Superior Court to establish the possibility of a reversal or new trial. While the process can be stressful, having a relentless Phoenix real estate license defense team on your side can result in a favorable outcome, allowing you to move forward. 

Meet the Requirements for Reinstatement

Going through the appeals process may be something you don’t want to tackle. It is imperative to meet the Arizona Department of Real Estate requirements to have a license reinstated while maintaining the educational requirements that ADRE mandates. Discussing your options with a supportive Arizona real estate license defense attorney can help you weigh every option, consider the alternatives, and choose how to approach your future.

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You have options after a real estate license suspension. An Arizona real estate license defense attorney at Stewart Law Group understands how quickly an individual’s hard work can be wiped out and what it takes to regain footing professionally. You do not have to conquer these challenges alone. 

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