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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

How Can a DUI Affect Your Professional License in Arizona

A DUI can change your life forever, affecting a professional license for your career. It can devastate your family, making it financially challenging to move forward. Never wait to reach out to an Arizona professional license defense attorney for guidance to save your career and help you determine your steps in the future.

Moving forward after a DUI in Arizona 

Understanding the rules governing your licensing board is critical so you can take action promptly. Depending on your profession, specific rules and criteria will apply. Knowing what the rules are imperative so you can take action. 

Reporting a DUI in Arizona

Whether or not you have to report a DUI to the licensing board will depend on your profession. Arizona law requires medical practitioners and nurses to report a DUI citation or arrest to the licensing board or the appropriate health professional within ten business days. Other professionals that should immediately notify the board of a DUI arrest are:

  • Respiratory specialists
  • Osteopathic practitioners
  • Pharmacy technicians
  • Dental hygienists
  • Veterinarians and technicians
  • Baccalaureate, associate, and certificate-level healthcare individuals

This list is not exhaustive. Speaking with a licensed professional defense attorney in Arizona provides a trusted pathway to follow the proper steps to mitigate the consequences of a DUI.

Other Professional Licenses in Arizona and DUI

The licensing board of your profession will set guidelines for reporting infractions of the law. A real estate agent is required to register a DUI conviction in writing, but it is not necessary to notify of an arrest. 

The rules applying to accountants are different. The licensing board requires an accountant to report a felony DUI no matter how much time has passed since their conviction. The Arizona Board may inquire about other misdemeanor charges and cases that resulted in conviction to ensure the professional can perform client care safely.

Effects of DUI on a Professional License in Arizona 

A loss of licensure may not occur with certain professions for a DUI, but the charge can make performing work duties extremely difficult. For example, a real estate agent will find it problematic to meet with clients and show properties if their driver’s license is revoked. Other consequences, primarily applying to the medical profession, are listed below.

  • Revocation: the professional’s privilege to practice is taken away. Time limits may allow for reinstatement following a remediation to reduce any potential for unsafe practice or harm.
  • Suspension: A defined amount of time is established in which the professional is unable to practice in their field
  • Probation: Mandatory requirements are set in place for work conditions. 
  • Stayed Disciplinary Action: The professional is allowed to work without action being taken unless a violation of any conditions of the order occurs by the licensee. This violation could immediately result in suspension.
  • Decree of Censure: A public reprimand is issued in written form.
  • License Denial: A license application may not be granted after review.
  • Civil Penalty: Up to $1000 for each violation may apply.

It is noteworthy that many professional licensing boards in Arizona, despite your profession, will revoke a license for a felony DUI conviction.

Exceptional Arizona Professional License Defense and DUI

A DUI conviction can send shockwaves throughout your life, possibly ending a career that has taken years to build. But options exist even when the outlook appears grim.

It is crucial to work with a firm that understands the professional requirements of the licensing boards in Arizona. The firm of Stewart Law Group in Arizona is dedicated to the procedures and sensitive requirements that professional representation demands to meet each client’s needs.