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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Can You Appeal a Professional License Revocation in Arizona?

Having your professional license revoked can feel devastating. All the years of hard work and educational commitment vanish in moments. Moving forward may seem impossible. 

Guiding you through the steps, our team can support you in the appeals process of license revocation in Arizona. Moving past the sense of loss, we understand there are options. Your reputation and professional standing matter.

Find the legal direction you need when you reach out to a dedicated professional license defense attorney in Arizona. We understand that a second chance offers you the ability to regain control of your life and career.

Arizona and the Appeals Process

If your professional license has been revoked in Arizona, the state allows for an appeals process. The appeals process is conducted differently, so working with a team to navigate the procedures correctly is crucial. To begin the appeal, a Notice will need to be filed.

Appealing a license revocation requires a hearing by the Superior Court. The handling of this hearing is different from the initial court process.

The Superior Court

The Court is not looking to try your case over again. The Superior Court will be looking for a different set of facts. The role of the Superior Court is to decide if mistakes pertaining to the law were made in your case and if your rights were violated in that process.

Two options are available if the Court determines that your appeal has merit.

  • The Court can reverse the original decision, meaning the reinstatement of your license.
  • The Court can send the case back to the Administrative Law Judge for a new hearing.

Working on Your Behalf in the Appeals Process

Your attorney should focus on your right to work. Working allows you to provide for your family,  your clients, and yourself. A professional license defense attorney can:

  • Refute the charges
  • Skillfully deal with regulatory agencies and licensing boards 
  • Work as a mediator between you and the regulators
  • Present the case for why you should keep your license 
  • Offer advice on classes or possible community work required to regain your license 
  • Offer expert guidance for Arizona license requirements
  • Work to preserve your dignity and image as a professional

The attorney’s function is to raise all appealable matters during the appellate process with the Superior Court. This process can be highly stressful, so clear communication keeps you informed in the appeals process. 

The appeals process in Arizona is time-sensitive, so taking action immediately is imperative. Working through the complex process can be overwhelming, so having a professional team to present your appeal is critical. Failure to properly file a notice of appeal within a requisite time frame can result in the dismissal of your request.  

Professional Representation for License Revocation in Arizona

A complaint or mistake should never cost you the career you have worked so hard to build. Knowing where to turn and the next steps may seem impossible. When time limits apply, you need someone ready to take action and determine a defense strategy, presenting a compelling argument that your rights were violated during the hearing process.

The comprehensive services in Arizona that you deserve can be provided by the Stewart Law Group. We take the appeals process for the revocation of your professional license seriously.