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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Benefits of Early Representation in Professional License Defense

You have worked hard to obtain your professional license, so when a formal complaint is filed against you, the thought of your hard work, time, and money being jeopardized naturally fill you with dread. Facing the board alone or ill-prepared is a recipe for disaster. Allegations of professional misconduct require legal counsel and fast.

The Job of the Licensing Board

No matter the profession, licensing boards in the state of Arizona are not on your side. Their job is to protect the public. So, do not look to them for aid once a complaint has been filed against you. They will investigate you without regard for protecting or defending you. 

Spanning the career gamut, professional licensing boards, agencies, bureaus, and commissions of the state government regulate and control the profession, business, or trade under their jurisdiction.  The office of the Secretary of State gives jurisdiction to agencies so that they may provide certifications, licenses, and authorizations to professionals working in their specific fields. 

If a formal complaint has been filed against you, you should take the necessary steps to hire a professional licensing defense attorney in Arizona to defend you. Your career hinges upon your license and your good reputation. You should seek trusted counsel in the very beginning. 

Protecting Your License and Your Livelihood

There is a risk of license suspension or having it revoked altogether with a single formal complaint. Suspensions last for a specified amount of time, but revocation may be permanent. By having your license revoked or suspended, you will not be able to conduct business or do your job. 

Consider how losing your professional license and, in turn, your career could affect your life. To preserve your livelihood, you want to have an aggressive professional licensing defense attorney. 

Your Defense Should Begin When the Board’s Investigation Does

You may not know where the complaint will go and may want to avoid the expense of hiring an Arizona professional licensing defense lawyer. But mounting a strong defense from day one will benefit you more than waiting. 

Your initial response will matter as soon as the board receives the notice of complaint. To ensure it is handled most favorably, you need experienced representation. It is a mistake not to hire an attorney before the formal hearing before the state board. Being proactive throughout the defense process at every possible opportunity will help your case. 

Saving Money in Your Professional Licensing Defense Case

It is a known fact that appealing an adverse ruling is more complicated and expensive than simply defending against the original allegations. Your professional licensing attorney understands all aspects of the complaints against you and how the board will handle them. They will act as an advocate for you throughout the entire process. 

An attorney knowledgeable about administrative law and with experience in licensing board matters will be able to properly represent you and resolve the issue with the outcome that benefits you most. Defending your license is less costly than losing it and losing your livelihood. It is important that you begin your defense early in the process. Waiting to hire legal counsel in an effort to save money can cost you in the long run.

What Will a Professional Licensing Defense Attorney do for You?

When the licensing board has a case against you, your professional license defense attorney will be there through all aspects. Your rights will be protected, and the licensing board will not be able to take advantage of you. An experienced lawyer will provide the following services: 

  • Be there for you throughout the licensing board’s investigation.
  • Provide a well-crafted response to the initial allegations that you are facing.
  • Prepare your legal defense strategy in a way that provides the best outcome for your personal objectives. 
  • It is possible that your attorney can negotiate an informal resolution and avoid a formal hearing. 
  • In the event of a formal hearing, your professional licensing defense lawyer will be there through every step. 
  • They will understand all of the possible consequences that you may be facing and can often estimate what the outcome will be, based on the facts surrounding the case. This allows them to give you the best advice concerning the action.

Having experienced representation with resources at their fingertips and knowledge of how the licensing boards operate is invaluable when defending your professional license. It typically alleviates some of the stress of facing a professional licensing board. Knowing you are not alone and do not have to guess your next move can go a long way in easing your nerves.

A Professional Licensing Defense Attorney in Arizona Should Be Your First Call

You should contact an Arizona professional licensing defense attorney at the mere hint of a complaint. Having their knowledge and strategy at your disposal can help you avoid having your professional license suspended or revoked. Reach out today to Stewart Law Group, our experienced team is ready to advocate for you from the initial allegations to the final resolution.