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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Arizona Therapist License Defense Attorney

Mental health therapists work hard to help their patients obtain or maintain good mental health. Therapists are trained, educated, and licensed by the state of Arizona. The rigors of gaining the certification required of them can take years or time and a lot of money.

All of that time, money, and effort can be forfeited if the therapist loses their license. If you are facing a threat to your license, it is crucial to have an Arizona Therapist License Defense Attorney to defend your professional license. 

Why Choose Stewart Law Group

  • Stewart Law Group is known for its honesty and integrity. We provide our clients with straight answers. We supply our clients with an understanding of all their options and effective strategies to achieve them. 
  • Our firm uses our notable skills to negotiate complaints at the administrative level before it goes to court. 
  • If your case goes to trial, the experienced attorneys with Stewart Law Group are skilled litigators and will fight tenaciously so that your license and livelihood are protected.

Anyone Can File a Complaint 

After devoting your life to helping others as a licensed mental healthcare professional and striving to serve your clients by giving them the care they need, you can still end up on the wrong side of a complaint. Patients, colleagues, or employers are capable of filing formal complaints against you. Such complaints can be detrimental to your livelihood and ability to help others.

Arizona Therapist License Defense Attorney

Conduct Standards Enforced in Arizona 

Licensed mental health therapists and counselors are held to a high standard of conduct in Arizona. The accusation that these standards have been violated can put a therapist’s professional license in jeopardy. Licensed therapists may be charged with the following conduction violations: 

  • Fraud charges can be brought against a therapist if there are billing inaccuracies or attempts to defraud the client’s insurance company or to take advantage of the patient.
  • Sexual misconduct can quickly jeopardize a professional therapist’s license. Non-consensual sexual conduct is a criminal offense. Though it may seem consensual, any counselor-patient relationship that is physical and sexual in nature is grounds for a therapist losing their right to practice.
  • Disclosing personal and protected information that violates the confidentiality assumption that is a patient’s right. 
  • If dependence or impairment from alcohol or drugs impedes the counselor’s ability to properly provide their patients with therapy, it could be grounds for losing their professional license. 
  • Stretching the bounds of the therapist’s qualifications can mean that a patient is treated in a way that the counselor is not licensed to treat them, leading to a conduct violation that could mean the loss of the therapist’s professional license.
  • Therapists must alert the licensing board of criminal convictions before they are licensed or if a conviction occurs while they hold the license.

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If you are facing charges that could strip you of your license to practice as a therapist, the team at Stewart Law Group is ready to help. We will work together to keep your reputation and license intact. Speak to us today, and we will determine a strategy to defend your license and keep you in the business of improving the mental health of your clients.

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