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Afraid of losing your license in Arizona?

Arizona Medical Board Unprofessional Conduct Examples

Could you be facing disciplinary action as a medical professional? The Arizona Medical Board has very strict rules in place regarding a large number of areas of medical practice and service. Any violation of these could mean fines and even the loss of your license to practice medicine in some situations. Knowing what you are up against is key. The following are some examples of the Arizona Medical Board unprofessional conduct, which often can be a challenging area to defend against.

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Unprofessional Conduct Examples

The following are some of the most common unprofessional conduct examples. They are not all of the ways that the Medical Board can charge you, though. Arizona law is more complex and includes a much wider range of potential charges.

  • Performing invasive surgical procedures that are not considered approved by the Medical Board rules
  • Betraying a professional secret or willfully violating privileged communication, such as sharing personal information about a patient with someone who should not have that information.
  • Impersonating another person licensed in the state, such as signing another doctor’s name.
  • Violating any federal, state, county, or municipal laws or regulations that relate to practicing medicine.
  • Exhibiting any type of habitational intemperance, such as using alcohol while on the job or habitual substance use, including any restricted substance.
  • Refusing to divulge to the board any information demanded.
  • Offering or taking or agreeing to cure a disease, injury, or ailment by any secret method or with any device.
  • Repeated professional negligence claims, ultimately causing serious injury or death to the patient.
  • Advertising in a false or deceptive way or misleading patients in any way with the care provided.
  • Prescribing, dispensing, and administering anabolic androgenic steroids.

What Are the Types of Actions the Board Can Take?

Those examples of unprofessional conduct can be serious, but each one of them carries the risk of complicated outcomes.

The Arizona Medical Board’s non-disciplinary actions could include:

  • Dismissing the case if, after a complaint is filed, they determine the information is inaccurate or not a violation.
  • Advisory letter, which means the Board feels they need to express concern with the provider’s conduct and notes it was not ideal but does not directly impact the Medical Practice Act or any policy of the Medical Board.
  • Non-disciplinary order for continuing education, which means that the provider must continue education.

There are many situations in which unprofessional conduct could lead to:

  • Revocation of a doctor’s license
  • Voluntary surrender of their license
  • Suspension of the license, which prohibits use for a short period of time
  • Probation
  • Letter of reprimand
  • Stipulation rehabilitation agreements

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